Can you compare the work of lawyers like you can compare car insurance? Is the prospect of a certain Meerkat coming to legal something the profession should embrace or guard against?

Apparently the super regulator of lawyers, the Legal Standards Board, is considering this today as reported in an interesting piece by John Hyde in the Law Society Gazette.

Raising standards, clear pricing and good service are all very important features of any market and the legal services sector is no different in that regard.  

The question is how to go about it and whether to treat Mrs Miggins as a consumer the same as a sophisticated general counsel buying legal services.  

Comparison websites can be blunt instruments - themselves not immune to criticism about the extent of the comparison made and the basis for the comparison.

Recently, The Law Boutique⚡ spearheaded the creation of #OneNDA, bringing together the profession to standardise terms for a non-disclosure agreement. 

I wonder if the profession and clients can come together to work out a meaningful way to help different legal consumers make good choices about where to spend their legal pound...

What do you think?