Who doesn't love a doughnut?

I particularly love the doughnut baked by Kate Raworth.  Her brilliant book "Doughnut Economics" really brings to front of mind sustainability and a fresh perspective on the use and allocation of scarce resources.  It looks at what the planet can support and how people can all get their basic human needs met.

Now, today, Kate has launched DEAL. The Doughnut Economics Action Lab so people don't have to be the movement, you can join the movement. Right here.

Regenerative economics as opposed to a fixation on economic growth speaks to our times.  

My plea - let's get Sir David Attenborough involved in DEAL.  His witness statement to "A life on this planet" is salutory and optimistic at the same time.  The same tone and type of messages borne out of Kate Raworth's writing and thinking.

We need to learn how to work with our planet and share its resources through a new type of behavioural economics! And now more than ever these optimists can help us to find a way to a better "new normal".