There's a big debate happening - it may be in wider society and not in government or industry - but it's happening.  It's centred around this question "what do we want the new normal to be?"

All around us change has been forced on our lives - our working lives, our social lives and for some their actual lives. There's a chance that the pandemic could - but only could - result in lasting change to the benefit of literally every single one of us.  A healthier planet, a healthier lifestyle, healthier relationships an abundance of greater meaning and purpose.  There is also a chance that we could revert to type and quickly lose the benefits.  Back to "clap for our careers" as opposed to the simple joy of "clap for our carers" - itself a metaphor for the interconnectedness of us all. We all need each other!

With an optimistic eye, I read this exceptional piece published in Forbes by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, herself a leader of a gender balance consultancy.  The five female economists she features are suggesting different ways of viewing economics and economies.  In fact, they are challenging the status quo of thinking in their profession and shining a light on the failings of received wisdom.

So I am going to stop this averagely written post and recommend you read the whole article.  But please, when you have, take a moment to reflect on what it might mean if you applied any part of it to any part of your life.