My feeds are awash with talk of change.  They can't all be wrong! This is a very interesting review by Connie and Stephen at KPMG of the unseen threats to traditional players - currently dominant in professional services markets. 

Clients actually "being the change" is happening...but slowly, as they build confidence in new and unfamiliar delivery methods. 

Clues as to how things may unfold can be found in the "Diffusion of Innovation" proposed by Everett Rogers in 1962. Maybe #coronavirus is the "chasm" to be crossed in many more ways than the fascinating world of professional services.  If it is, then the other side of that chasm sits the "early majority" that makes up the tantalising prospect of 34% of the market and from there it's literally out with the old and in with the new to market saturation (until we start the cycle again!)

My real point is that while the supertankers or the juggernauts of the current market may be facing the decline of market share as new models leap the chasm they could also take the leap.  How?  Collaborate in a word. 

A supertanker with a friendly speedboat might just be a thing of beauty.  A hybrid.  The best of both worlds.  The expertise and scale of the old world, morphing into the new world.  All it takes is a chat to kick things off.  Old meets new - now there's a thing.

Just saying...