Connection and community is at the heart of our business, but it’s also an important part of all of our lives. Like everyone I live in a community. Now more than ever there is an opportunity to play my part in my community. Every little thing helps.

So it got me thinking. I live in a small village that has a vibrant community. It’s always there and you can dip into the village hall, the church, the pub or cafe. Now that it’s harder to congregate or come together how will we make sure our neighbours are ok?

Last week I learned about an app being referenced on BBC Breakfast called NextDoor. So I looked into it. It’s an app that allows neighbours to connect. To communicate; to share; to give; to receive and to ask for help. Anything from an unwanted kids bike to give away or sell or a recommendation for a local business can be shared with your immediate neighbours.

Having looked at the app it called on me to be a founding member of our NextDoor community. I hesitated. Who was I to be a founding member of this community? So I did nothing and got on with my life.

After a couple of days I found myself thinking again about connecting and collaborating and what I could do. This time I didn’t hestitate. I signed into NextDoor, invited some friends and neighbours and now we are off and running. Our village is also producing a contact list and special newsletter to keep us all connected in the analogue and digital world.

Yes, we face a tough time. Sure, we don’t know how long for. What we do know is that through connection and community we can care for ourselves, our families and our neighbours in ways that means social distancing doesn’t lose community spirit. It’ll be the making of us if we let it.