The good thing about February is that pay day comes around that bit earlier, even with an extra day in the month. But is a pay cheque all that matters? Employers are increasingly attracting employees with other benefits, and they are not necessarily the type of rewards you would expect: yoga classes, meditation, free books, ice cream, even an office sauna are among the benefits being offered.   

Marketing company MVF has just been voted the best company to work for in the UK and this may have something to do with its policy of taking its entire workforce to Ibiza if it hits its targets: sun, sea and partying – what’s not to like? And that’s just the start. The company also offers a kitchen stocked with sourdough bread, chia seeds and nine types of milk, a range of subsidised clubs and puppy therapy, where employees get to play with puppies in the office.   

In fact, dog-related perks are pretty popular. BrewDog offers a week of paid “puppy leave” to help dogs settle in. Another employer offers free dog training classes and it is increasingly common to allow employees to bring their dogs to work.

Other unusual perks include a Star Wars themed cinema room and free food and drink every Friday with a resident DJ spinning the decks.

All good fun, but there is a serious point here.  Years ago, collecting a fat pay cheque at the end of the month was all that mattered. The current generation of job seekers is not as motivated by money. They are often willing to settle for smaller salaries in exchange for work-life balance and a relaxed working environment. Employers who want to attract graduates and school leavers shouldn’t lose sight of this. They need to look at the overall package they are offering staff, not just the money.  Of course, employers shouldn’t be discriminating either, so don’t alienate older, experienced workers with too many Zen rooms and guided drumming sessions……