Owners of multi-let buildings are not responding to requests by operators to install apparatus.  No kit, no internet service.

Cue the Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill currently working its way through the House.  This will permit "the court" (probably the Tribunal) to make a “Part 4A Order“ to grant interim Code rights where:

(a) the rights are required; and

(b) the land owner has not responded.

The process consists of a sequence of requests and warning notices in writing with prescribed timings.  If the landowner has been repeatedly "told" and still doesn't respond, off to the Tribunal he goes.

If made, the Part 4A Order will grant the Operator the Code rights specified in the request against the wishes of the land owner.  They will then be permitted to install the apparatus for the benefit of the tenant.

I have little doubt this bill will become law.  It is the way of things right now.  Thus, landowners: if you receive any notice under this act, acknowledge it straight away.  Once acknowledged, an Operator cannot apply for a Part 4A Order.

...and then seek professional advice.