We spend hours at work every day so it’s good to have some friendly faces around. People to go for a quick drink with or discuss the latest episode of Love Island. Sometimes relationships blossom and many people meet their life partner in the workplace. Nothing wrong with that you might think. But what if the relationship is between a junior employee and the manager who is responsible for deciding his promotion or annual leave? Or what if the relationship poses a risk to the confidentiality of business information?

Many employers are now seeking to regulate personal relationships in the workplace with "consensual relationship agreements" or "love contracts". McDonald’s is one of those companies and it seems that its boss, Steve Easterbrook, fell foul of the rules by having a relationship with an employee.  McDonald's weren’t “lovin’ it” and he has agreed that “it is time for me to move on" or as the Sun eloquently put it, "Big Mac and Fired".

It may seem odd to interfere in personal relationships at work, but in the current MeToo# era a policy that sets out what the employer expects in such situations is likely to be the best defence against future problems.