It's been reported that Ant McPartlin is desperate to re-enter negotiations with his 'ex-wife' in mediation so that they can agree something 'behind closed doors' and avoid a messy and public hearing in Court over their £62 million financial settlement. 

Lisa Armstrong apparently will not be pressured into an agreement that is not right for her. They have already spent £1 million on legal fees. Firstly this suggestion that his 'ex-wife' is being awkward by not agreeing is very misleading. I expect they are still legally married because you rarely apply for decree absolute in such big cases until there is a financial order. 

Secondly, if the deal being offered isn't fair, why on earth would she agree? Mediation is a way of helping couples work through their finances and reach an agreement without lawyers. The lawyers step in to draft a consent order based on the couples' negotiations. There must be a sticking point involved in this case because if they have incurred £1m in legal fees they would have been through some form of financial disclosure. That is generally considered the 'messy' bit where you each disclose your bank statements. 

Sometimes mediation fails because there is no hope of compromise or because the case is so complex that the parties need financial advice and actuaries to properly account for all assets and liabilities. Sometimes, one party drags their heels so much that an application is issued to ensure there are deadlines to be met and there will be an end in sight. 

Whatever the issue here, it is wrong to assume it's the 'ex wife' being awkward, they have been together a long time and it is likely to take time to resolve.