Recent stats show that the number of Mediation Information Assessment Meetings are up, as are the outcomes from those meetings. So what are they? 

Before you are able to make an application to Court, in family proceedings for financial orders, or orders relating to the arrangements for children it is compulsory (unless you fall into an exempt category) to first of all attend a MIAMs. It has long been a starting point to advise clients to speak to the other party in a mediation setting to see if they are able to agree matters or at least narrow the issues with the assistance of a mediator, but we now have to direct clients to mediation, and there has been some measure of success. 

Mediation is not counselling, it is not trying to force you back into an unhappy relationship. It is supported negotiations between separated couples to see if they are able to discuss matters and keep their arguments away from the doors of the Court. 

The numbers are encouraging, and even if you have to subsequently make an application to Court, you know it was necessary after a failed mediation and you will never wonder if you ought to have taken stock and tried to resolve things between you.