Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus met 10 years ago. Their relationship was not a flash in the pan. Larry King and his estranged wife (number 4) have been married for 20 years... 

This summer there have been a number of high profile separations and while it's interesting to a certain degree to know who is with who, it is - at the end of the day no-one's business but those in the relationship.

As someone that assists and guides parties through divorce and separation I see how distressed people can get from discussing the arrangements for their children, or animals in the Hemsworth/Cyrus case. It's painful to go over family finances and to negotiate making two homes from one. 

At difficult times it is important to remember that these couples are real people, and we should give them the space that we would want to be afforded if we were having a bit of a hard time.

Oh, and I forgot Jamie Foxx/Katie Holmes and a 'couple' from Love Island.