Daniel Kahneman wrote the Nobel prize winning work behind “Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow". It’s a great read and has enriched our understanding of neuroscience alongside the science of decision-making.

Every day I decide to switch on a device, a smartphone or a laptop. Therefore most days I spend my time thinking fast. But I recognise the value of thinking slow. 

It’s in a similar place in my mind to deep work. The kind of work that we used to do much more. Much more before the days of social media, always on, always contactable. The style of life that so many of us now lead. Constant interruption by a device - a little ping and it has you. That dopamine hit you get when someone texts you, snapchats you, WhatsApp’s you, tags you or does something to make your phone buzz or beep. It breaks the chain of concentration and distracts you.

Thinking slow, reflecting, taking your foot of the gas, creates space for new thoughts, new ideas and for realisations. While I am away I won’t be writing again. I can literally feel my pace slowing by the second. I’m sure it’s to be recommended.

Oh...and thanks to Passle, I knew the rucksack would be useful. I can confirm it fits a beach towel, sunscreen, bottled water, a book, headphones with space for more. It's handy, like Passle. 

Here is to slow, aimless thought...