Stonewall and Stonewall Cymru provide a remarkably helpful service giving information on all things LGBT. You can even find out what tax and benefits are affected by becoming married or civil partners. But what else should you consider when thinking about making the plunge into formalising your relationship?

If you remain as co-habitees your entitlement to benefits are limited, and if you don't legally document how you hold assets you will potentially only walk away with whatever you have in your name on separation. 

If you entered into a Civil Partnership when they were launched many moons ago now, your entitlement to benefits and on separation are the same as a traditionally married couple.

What if you were Civil Partners and want to convert it into a marriage? Easy. You just pop along to your local registrar, take your identification and original certificate and a small fee and Bob's your uncle. For the lawyers panicking about what date to use on any future separation if parties were civil partners in 2006 and then converted to a marriage in 2017.....the original date is used and the marriage certificate backdated so no argument over how long the relationship was. 

Whichever route you take, a well informed decision is the best one to make.