One, on one's own. Relying on oneself. No-one else.

Yes, you could live like that. But it wouldn't be the natural way for humans.  A species adapted for collaboration and community.

So I prefer to work on the basis of 1+1. And the joy of that is that it can be for anyone and everyone.

I have had the privilege to attend the Do Lectures and to speak there about opportunity, challenge, failure and resilience. 

In 2016, when I was at Do, I never saw a beanbag. I wish I had.  In the hands of a great writer like Michael Owen they sound amazing.  What I did sample was the campfire, the gin, Extract Coffee, Waterloo Tea and stories.  Many stories.  Not just the stories of the 20 speakers.  The stories of all of the genuine, real and remarkable people that I met.

Do does change your life, if you let it. The joy of 1+1 writ large.  I bet I am not alone. I bet that everyone who has experienced do from it's day one to now is still experiencing the remarkable ripples!

One plus one equals whatever you want to make of it. But it's definitely more than one.