The Law Commission started work yesterday on reviewing the law currently in place for weddings. The Commission is aiming to make it simpler and fairer to arrange your wedding.

The Commission’s recommendations will be based on five principles:

  • Certainty and simplicity
  • Fairness and equality
  • Protecting the state’s interest
  • Respecting individuals’ wishes and beliefs
  • Removing any unnecessary regulation of venues which can hamper choice and increase the cost for couples.

I am all for choice and making sure there is equality in what is available to all couples but this must be balanced against the need for certainty and transparency. Entering into a marriage is essentially the same thing as entering into a legally binding contract with a whole host of obligations and responsibilities. It is essential that the importance of a marriage is not undermined by the wish to make it easier to get married. 

A wedding after all is just one day, a marriage can last a lifetime.