This article looks at how it feels to be divorced at 20. It's really interesting and looks at different experiences which so many will relate to. My issue with it is the fact that when it comes to divorce both 'Rachel' and 'Rob' blame the law for making their divorces harder.


Her husband cheated on her but they tried to work on their marriage and stayed together for six months after the affair. A bar to adultery is that you live together for 6 months after the affair, but there are other reasons you can rely on. The law doesn't say that you must remain married or that you are now somehow to blame. 


His wife left him and their children. He wanted to rely on desertion but that's time sensitive too. He says that he and his wife then petitioned on unreasonable behaviour. This can't be right because only one party can petition as the law currently stands and if it was 'Rob' filing the petition he would have to rely on his wife's behaviour, which in his situation does sound really rather unreasonable. 

The law can only do so much to unpick relationships, the heartache can't be solved by legal documents, only time...and maybe a glass of wine.