I really wish I hadn't seen this headline. I am not an avid Sun reader, but while looking at the timescales for the Parliamentary reading of the new divorce bill to allow among other things, the 'no-fault divorce' I couldn't miss it. 

I clicked on the link to find out how an old man would go about ditching their spouse and how this new bill would help them find a new young and willing wife. Turns out it won't (quelle surprise). Rather than trying to break up perfectly happy marriages and encouraging old men to upgrade their wives, it is trying to reduce animosity for those couples who are separating and want to do so without being unnecessarily hostile to the other. 

This article assumes that given the chance, old men would leave their old wives, and that there are young potential wives out there waiting to be pounced upon by said ye olde men. It's fairly offensive on all levels. Young or old, you should be allowed to leave a relationship if it is no longer working, and it is no-one's business apart from those in the marriage how they go about it.