Organisations which have volunteers assisting need to be very mindful of what is said and what is done in respect of their volunteer's legal status.  What I am referring to are situations such as paying your volunteers a set amount of expenses each month regardless of whether they have been incurred.  Or perhaps expecting them to 'work' a set day or time or amount of hours each week.  I have even seen volunteers referred to as Managers.

Simply labelling an individual as a 'volunteer' is not good enough.  It's true what they say, actions speak louder than words.  It's what happens in practice which is key if a volunteer were to ever bring a claim in the employment tribunal against an organisation.

If you do have volunteers working with you, review your practices and policies.  Avoid making payments which may be deemed wages and minimise perks which could be construed as consideration.  

Do not make your volunteers obliged to complete any work.  Clearly some commitment will be needed as you will be investing in each volunteer and the services may depend on volunteers being available.  However, it's key to always remember that the deal volunteers sign up to is very different to that which employees are contracted to.