A survey by YouGov revealed that 81% of employers said that employing ex-offenders helped their business. Following this survey, the government announced plans to relax prison day-release rules to allow prisoners to train with employers and work in the community whilst in prison. If the prisoners pass a risk assessment, they will also be able to earn a wage. The intention is to reduce re-offending rates and to reintegrate individuals back into society once they have left prison. 

Recruiters should be mindful of GDPR provisions which require there to be a legal basis for processing criminal record history. Such processing of data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive. One way to stay on the right side of GDPR is if it is necessary to perform criminal record history checks is to leave it as late as possible to ask for criminal record history. This will usually be at offer stage and so the role will be subject to satisfactory checks. The key thing to always consider is "do I need to know his information for the role being recruited for?"