At our recent Partners Conference we were lucky enough to have a refreshing lunchtime talk by Ian Sanders about how little changes can make big impacts.  The talk was followed up with a little yellow book with ten simple and obvious things we can all build into our working life to make us and our clients happier.

A couple of my favourite sparks are 'Bring you to work' and 'be curious'.  These two can often be a no no in the workplace but how did anything ever get invented without curiosity?!

This little book is not rocket science but addresses points we all too easily overlook and dismiss as being unimportant.  These ten sparks, if followed, can only improve skills which are necessary within business and the workplace.

The first thing is that employers should embrace them to allow employees to feel able to - a top down workplace culture shift may be needed but it will be for the good of the business.  Those who are self-employed should value themselves and their time enough to embrace them.

Maybe you could develop a culture policy and have the ten sparks as your foundation?  Get your staff involved and set out the type of company you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there - and not from a financial point of view, but from a cultural standpoint.  Happy people tend to be more creative, suggest changes which can improve processes, pass on their happy vibe to clients and again, not rocket science, but this in time will help businesses to grow.