Being self-employed I get to choose where I work and several times a week I head to The Village in Solihull to enjoy their VWorks club.  Today we have had a talk by the inspiring Karen Brady who has emphasised the importance of good leadership.

Being a great leader is not about telling people what to do.  It's about encouraging us all to explore our strengths and to work together towards a common goal because we want to and not because we have to.

I was watching Gareth Southgate talking last night about how when he was 'killed' for doing something wrong and he stopped trying new things as a result.  Wouldn't it be better instead to address issues which arise and work together to figure out how to fix them and how to avoid the issue in the future?

In my experience the best managers are approachable, they listen, they work with you and not against you; they're leaders who I will support and go the extra mile for out of choice.  If you want your employees to engage with you, to be creative, strive for the best for themselves and their team etc., be a leader.