I watched the debate over whether this show should be cancelled on breakfast television this morning.  There were calls for the show to be ditched and others saying that cancelling this show would only open the floodgates to others being reviewed.  The show has been running for well over a decade but it has taken a death for it to get to this.

My thoughts have been on the Tribunal process and in particular, cross examination.  Tribunals are often not too dissimilar to the Jeremy Kyle Show with barristers tearing apart the opposition to win a point.  Being a witness can be an exceptionally difficult, stressful and damaging experience and it's played out on an open stage.  It may not be broadcast to the world but anyone can attend a Tribunal and watch.

This does not happen on every case and there are lots of incredibly talented barristers out there who do not need to use such tactics to win their cases.  However, for those that do and are allowed to do this, maybe such tactics should now be reviewed.  Most certainly, the mental health of those going through the judicial process should at least be looked at.