We all deal with our emotions in different ways but typically women will discuss their feelings with one another more than men.  This article asks the guys being interviewed, "Would you speak to your Dad about how you're feeling?" and each one of them responds with a strong "no".  

Not all women will want to talk and not all men will keep everything to themselves but it's important that employers create an environment where it's easy to express feelings.  I can hear Piers Morgan telling me now that workplaces are not counselling centres and this is not what I am advocating.

A healthy and happy workplace is a productive one and employees should be able to feel comfortable in confiding with their employers.  Employers may consider appointing a mental health champion who is then trained and can provide a link between employees and HR/management.  

If an employee is off sick with issues relating to health, don't bombard them with contact but do keep in contact and perhaps suggest meetings are held at their home or appropriate neutral venues.

Have a tab added to any intranet site you have which deals with mental health and has links to helpful information and numbers.  If you have a company magazine, feature mental health (it can be about eating well, exercising, taking a proper lunch break).  What about hosting meditation or yoga sessions in the workplace or inviting in guest speakers?  Also, consider training staff on mental health so they can be more understanding of situations which may arise.

Essentially, there is lots to be done but talking about matters should not be a barrier if we can learn to be creative in how we communicate.