Last week I wrote an article about the need for workplace culture to revolutionise, pronto!

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, so there isn't a better time to start making changes if you've not already done so.

My role can require me to sit at a desk for long periods of time and it's just too easy to sit in one chair for 12 hours, with only a few short pit stop breaks. This isn't good for the body or mind.  

Late last year, I started working from a business hub, VWorks, which is at the Village Hotel. It has a positive atmosphere, I'm surrounded by entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and I have to walk a little bit further to get things (!), but I was still sitting at my desk to eat my lunch. One day I decided to take myself off to the sofa by the TV to have my lunch and could feel my eyes starting to close. That's when I decided to launch a walking club! 

At 1:30pm every day (maybe skipping heavy pour downs) anyone can meet by the sofas and head off for a half an hour walk to clear their minds, get some fresh air and feel ready for the afternoon. It's a great way to network, to switch off, to get some exercise and to stay healthy.

What can you introduce to your workplace to change the health of your workforce?