It's not often that I agree with politicians, especially at the moment.  However, at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week Amber Rudd and Matt Hancock make some good points in this article. 

As they point out, if you're an employer your obligations don't just end with a pay slip.  All employers owe a duty to ensure their employees' health and safety at work, and this doesn't just mean making sure they know how to climb a ladder or lift a heavy load.  It means looking after their mental health too. 

Although we talk about mental health a lot more than we use to, it's still not an easy conversation to have with your boss. You would think nothing of phoning into work with a bad back but would you feel as comfortable telling your manager you were suffering from depression and anxiety? Many employees keep these things hidden. They struggle on, which only makes things worse.  

Employers and colleagues need to be on the look out for signs.  If an employee appears tearful, is struggling to cope with day to day work or is losing weight, don't ignore it.  Have a chat with them.  It could be the most important conversation you have today.