I like, many others, have taken the plunge and work on a self-employed basis so that I am able to reap the benefits of flexible work arrangements, I am in charge of my own practice and I am building a business which will have a financial value at retirement. My career now fits in with my life, rather than the other way around. Whether I am in control of my life outside of my career is debatable as a father to 3 young children.

Whilst there are numerous benefits if you are willing to back yourself, it is a big decision to leave the world of employment and a regular monthly salary. For that reason, many people understandably stick with what they know and thoughts of self-employment remain as a penned thought on a wish list.

If anyone is looking for inspiration and pointers into how to successfully navigate the world of self-employment, I highly recommend reading "Working in the Gig Economy: How to Thrive and Succeed When You Choose to Work for Yourself" by Thomas Oppong. This is a book which will help you to determine whether being self-employed could work for you.