Today's news story reporting on the decline of GPs is sadly not a surprise, nor profession specific.  The more I talk with clients, colleagues, friends and associates, the more 'burn out' stories I hear.

Rather than advise employers on legislation and good practice, today I am stripping this back to the foundations.

Until we get our culture right, and until we start to treat people as people this will become an all too familiar story.  It's been happening all around us for some time and I know that increased pressure within working environments, expecting a lot more for a lot less, is rife.  

We all know if we hammer our cars they will burn out far more quickly, not perform as well, require more maintenance and more time off the road.  Yet we expect the human body and mind to cope and some see it as a weakness when it isn't.  When did we stop being human beings?

My advice today, to all employers, is to review your workplace culture and productivity.  Talk to your staff and listen to what they have to say; they are your most valuable resource and many of them will have brilliant ideas to help you.  Give your staff the respect and kindness they deserve and you will be rewarded organically.  Minimise stress, maximise creativity and production, and you will be steps ahead of your competitors.