The latest study on social media and its impact upon young people has just been published.  It has found that the effects of social media on a teenager's life is 'tiny'.

Whether you agree with this or not, you cannot deny how much social media does impact upon all of our lives in both positive and negative ways.

In the workplace, social media often blurs the lines between personal and private lives and can often pose a number of questions for both employees and employers.  Who owns the LinkedIn contacts an employee has made when they leave your employment?  What happens if an employee insults a customer on their personal Facebook account?  What if an employee posts hurtful comments about a colleague; is this bullying inside/outside of work?  The list of potential issues only grows with the advancement of technology and as social media embeds itself within our lives.

The advice to employers is to plan ahead.  Ensure you have a good social media policy in place and be clear on what your policies are.  Train your staff on the use of social media in the workplace and tell them what is and isn't acceptable behaviour.  Keep monitoring developments in social media and technology so you understand what is out there and how it all works.