We have 8 bank and public holidays each year with most falling on a Monday.  Great for those working full-time but what about those who are part-time?

It can all become a little unfair if you have part-time employees who work Mondays and others who do not.  The Monday worker will receive more holiday than they are due pro-rata and the worker who isn't contracted to work Mondays will be under their pro-rata entitlement.

There are two issues: First, is there a difference in treatment between full and part-time employees?  Second, is there a difference in treatment between part-time employees?

In businesses which function 7 days a week there may be a case that there is no difference in treatment between full and part-time staff.  This is because full-time employees may work Wednesday to Sunday and so would also miss out on the Monday bank holiday entitlement.  Therefore the reason for getting less than the pro-rated bank holiday entitlement is NOT to do with full or part-time status BUT days of the week worked.  This argument cannot be made where a business operates Monday to Friday.

In order to be fair to all and reduce the need for employers and employees to call Mayday!, the advice is to pro-rata holiday each year, most certainly to businesses which operate Monday to Friday.  This will ensure fairness, hopefully boost morale and allow everyone to enjoy their holiday entitlement.  However, be careful about changing any terms and conditions if you don't already do this.