Times they are a changing, but maybe not fast enough as Alex Novarese observes in his thought-provoking article with its observations about stewardship.  We could be forgiven for thinking that much has changed in legal services - why? Well, because the social media posts and trade press is awash with talk of change.  

So for me stewardship is an interesting concept when linked to the sustenance of a model that disenfranchises working families, the young and talented and so-called "retirers".  Rather than considering the ongoing stewardship of pyramids that defer the progression of talented lawyers, I believe we should focus on making a change to the status quo.  

Happily, there are a growing number of other options for lawyers in how they seek to practice their craft.  Pyramids and Partnerships will always suit some, but Platforms and personal growth are on the rise and suit others.  These additional options for talented lawyers mean they are not stuck with the cliche of the square peg and round hole. A better cliche might be "horses for courses".  As a course builder that's an exciting prospect.

We are age, gender and working time blind.  We are fiercely interested in ability and talent and surely that's how it should be wherever a lawyer plies their trade...